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Work. I Need The Money.

Has anyone heard of a movie called Paper Chase? Or Paper Chasers?

It seems the guy who came in today looking for it wasn’t sure of the title either. 

He comes up to me - really polite, although a little grungy - and asks if we have the movie available? To rent or to buy? Doesn’t matter. He just wants it.

So I ask my co-worker to help him find it. It’s in the Feature Films section in alphabetical order. They can’t find it.

he asks once again where it is. I tell him the same thing. There are none to rent, just the one that should be on the shelf. But it wasn’t there. He freaks out. Majorly. 


Flailing his arms.

Talking mess about me and my coworkers to other customers.

Calling us racist because we “accused him of stealing the movie” - which we obviously never did.

I said it was on the shelf, so it has to be there. But sometimes people move movies around so even if it says we have something, it may not be in the spot it’s supposed to be. It could be anywhere in the store. 

But again, he’s freaking out. We call the cops. Very patient with him, although we’ve already told him to leave. But he refuses. 

Long story short… The police come and we issue him a CTW so if he ever comes back, he will go to jail. Should I be telling you this? I feel like no one’s listening so why not? 

Work.. I love it.

Paper Chasers? Possibly

To You..

I Miss You.

Sometimes  I sit and wonder if you were ever worth the trouble. But then I look back on February through April and realize that nothing could make me want to forget those three months, or take them back. They are so special to me. During that time, you were my rock. My shelter. And I don’t think you quite realize why you meant so much to me.

Put simply, you were there for me when no one else understood exactly why I was so upset. You were there for me when no one else was. no matter how upset I was over him, you helped keep my mind from wandering back to him everyday. You calledevery night just to see how i was feeling.

I traveled 120 miles to see you every weekend. You didn’t realize this, but you were the reason - the only reason - that I kept going back. Without you, I probably would have cried myself to sleep every night.

But now that we’ve been through that, and now that you don’t seem to care anymore, I find myself crying over you. So maybe I would have been better off without you.

At least then, I would have already gotten all the crying out of my system. At least then, I could have worried about more important issues. At least then, I wouldn’t feel as if I didn’t matter to someone who so clearly means the world to me.

And now, I find myself trying so desperately and pathetically hard to get in touch with you, but you seem to have forgotten I existed. Maybe it’s for the best? You’re no good for me. All you’ve ever really done is cause me heartache. Those three months were wonderful, but after everything you’ve put me through, I should have no reason to want you in my life. 

So why do I still care? Why do I have to give my phone to my friend in order to say exactly what I’m feeling? Why can’t I just stop trying? Because obviously, it would be better if I did. 

I’m so tired of your apologies. Why do you apologize if you never plan on fixing anything. And why, when you apologize, can I not tell what’s truly going on? Why do I believe you? 

Never again. That’s all I have to say.

I am done with you. Because you don’t deserve me.

I am done. And I hope you read this, because if you do, you will know exactly who I am talking about. And maybe then you would realize how I’ve truly felt. Maybe then, you would call me to apologize, and realize that I am so over you.

I’m over you.

I’m over you.

I’m over you.

I. Am. Over. You.



So why did I write this?

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I don’t think of myself as pretty.. But then again I’m not ugly. Kind of an in-between I guess. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had an actual boyfriend. Why would a guy go for me when there’s so many other girls who have so much more to offer.

I love watching romance movies, reading romance novels (nto the full on grown-up novels that are super steamy), and dreaming about one day finding that special guy who just makes me feel so special and beautiful that nothing else matters in the world.

Anyways, maybe this is why I haven’t had so many boyfriends. Maybe it’s always been God’s plan for the first guy that I actually fell in love with to be the only guy I’ll ever fall in love with, you know? Other girls, the really pretty ones, usually have boyfriend after boyfriend after boyfriend. It’s almost like they can’t go a single day being single, alone.

Maybe that washes away their perception of love because they’re constantly comparing their current boyfriends with their previous ones. And I will have no one to compare them to. They’ll be fresh, new, untainted.

That’s what I have to do. Look on the bright side. One day my Prince Charming will come and he will be amazing. He’ll think that everything about me is amazing. Even the things everyone finds annoying or strange. These will be the things that he will fall in love with. I hope. :)

Until next time..

Ready to Partayyy..


Getting ready takes a lot of effort. Normally it would take me maximum 30 minutes (choosing an outfit, makeup, etc) but then again I normally just throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and flip flops. Nothing too much.

But when I’m getting ready to go out, maybe it’s from my sheer boredom while my roommate is away and my car sits dead in the driveway, but it takes me about two hours. Granted I took a shower, a long one, and straightened my hair as well.

Sitting in front of my mirror, getting ready to go so my roommate doesn’t have to wait too long for me to be ready is almost fun though. I put on a mask and become a totally different person. Still not too dressy but it will do.

What do I listen to while getting ready, you ask? Well of course I wouldn’t sit hear listening to my fan whirl around incessantly. I jam out to He Is We’s album entitled “My Forever,” as well as the Friends With Benefits soundtrack I bought a month ago.

I loved that movie. That very night, right after the movie, I raced home to buy the soundtrack. Imagine my dismay when I realized that the two main songs I loved in the movie, the two that played the most and during the most emotional parts, were not on the soundtrack! The first, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie I had already known. Downloaded it about 2 years ago onto my iPod. The other though, I could only discern a few lyrics that apparently were nowhere near correct, because for the past month and a half, I have searched and searched and searched the internet for it with no result.

Then today, after listening to a couple tracks while getting ready, I gave up on my half-straightened hair, and scoured the internet for a good 30 minutes. Finally, I searched “songs from Friends With Benefits that were not on the soundtrack” and a YouTube video pops up for the song “Paradise Dreaming (Frozen Miles)” by Eric Paul.

Now that I’ve gotten my music fix for the day, which included a free download from Cobra Starship that I have yet to listen to and blogging apparently to no one in particular, I will continue getting ready. I don’t really have an audience on here anyways…. Oh well. This is still mainly for me. Maybe I won’t give up on it? We’ll see.

Or I guess I will. Since no one’s listening. Signing off.


Me. Plain and Simple.

I am one of those people who try to look on the bright side of things in any kind of situation. I try not to disappoint people, especially my friends and family, even if it means doing something I absolutely do not want to do. I’m still looking into a way to fix this problem. 

I am a pop culture junkie. Constantly checking in on new movies in development, my favorite TV shows that I would not miss for the world (i.e. Bones and Vampire Diaries) and new music that I love to hear everyday.

I have a journal. Filled with book quotes, song lyrics, and lines from movies that I found were written so beautifully that I had to remember them and keep them close to my heart. I even try to write my own short blurbs from scenes that play out in my own head. The keyword here is “try” because I don’t get very far.

I’ve always wanted to write a book. A novel. A series. Just like all of my favorite authors have done before me. How can I get so obsessed in the lives of characters in their books that I never want the story to end, but my characters seem to lose my interest within a couple of days? I normally don’t even come up with names. Just “he” and “she”. Except one. “Jace”. Thank you Cassandra Clare… Lots of love. 

Other than my awkward shyness where I just stand in the corner during parties, that is basically me in a nutshell. So, right now, I will sign off. Follow. Visit frequently. Do whatever. Thanks for reading. Peace.

Love the world and yourself in it, move through it as though it offers no resistance, as though the world is your natural element.
The real me.

The real me.